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ISTD exam results are here!

What a wonderful way to start the holidays! 100% success in ISTD exams as follows:-

Pre Primary Ballet: Una (Disk), Alice (Merit)

Primary Ballet: Aurora (D), Emily (D), Sehren (D)

Grade 1 Ballet: Robin (D), Mary (M), Cate (M)

Grade 2 Ballet: Esha (D), Alejandar (D), Nikola (M), Evelyn (M), Allyesa (M)

Grade 5 Ballet: Natalia (M)

Intermediate Ballet: Luis Martin (M)

Modern Primary: Una (D), Alice (M)

Grade 1: Emily (D), Aurora (M), Sehren (M)

Well done everyone! All distinctions and high merits.

UKA results pending.

Timetable for 2024/25 will be available soon.

Beryl Couper

Principal, Esk Academy of Dancing

Contact Details 

Phone: 07918 936043

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