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Latest results now here

Great news! The final set of results for 2022-2023 have just arrived, and I'm delighted to announce that they continue our 100% success rate - very well done, everyone!

Pupils entered UKA Medal Tests in Ballroom, Highland and Ballet as follows:


Gold – Samantha Milligan (Honours) and Luis Martin (Honours)

Second Gold Bar – David Oswald (Honours)


First Gold Star – Hannah Whyte (H/C)


Intro 1 – Una, Stella and Alice (H/C)

Intro 2 – Imogen, Sehren (H/C)

Reminder to current and new pupils of all ages:

Classes in all subjects for 2023-2024 commence from this Monday (21st August, 2023).

Everyone enrolled will have received individual notification, but in addition times are listed on the website timetables.

If new pupils of any age (3 - 90+) still wish to enrol, it's not too late!

Use the Enrolment form on the website Contact page

If you are not sure which class would be most suitable, send me a contact form giving details of:

  • your age-group (give DOB for children)

  • subject you're interested in

  • any previous experience,

and I will contact you.

I look forward to seeing you all.

Beryl Couper Principal, Esk Academy of Dancing

Contact Details

Phone: 07918 936043

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