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New pupils - enrol now for the new term (all ages & stages)

Beginners' Timetable now published on website

1) Timetables for 2023 - 2024 are now published on the Website for all pupils and subjects

  • Timetable 1 (Beginners) shows classes open to male and female beginners of all ages (3 to 90+) in all subjects. It also includes the Timetable for all Recreational, Mature Adult and Movement to Music Classes

  • Timetable 2 shows the classes for current and former pupils (male and female) in the Training Category

  • Please note amendments:

>> (a) Both of the "Movement to Music" Classes (Levels 1 and 2) are on Tuesdays

>> (b) All the Mature Adult Classes are now open to those age 50+

2) Enrolment

3) Classes start during the week beginning Monday 21st August

I hope you have enjoyed the summer holiday despite the changeable weather and I very much look forward to seeing all current and new pupils in the studio at the start of term.

Please contact me if you have any further questions.

Beryl Couper Principal, Esk Academy of Dancing

Contact Details

Phone: 07918 936043

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